Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Week 2 Participation Questions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Week 2 Participation Questions - Essay Example Misinterpreting messages that are sent using online communication tools is a common occurrence. Sometimes online communication leads to misunderstanding because the receptor never read the message and the sender assumed that it was read. Imagine a customer that sends three emails complaining about something, but due to a system error nobody at the company ever received the messages. The customer assumes the messages were read and the customer service of the company is poor. I understand your perspective that person to person communication can be much harder than other ways of communication. One of the primary reasons for this is that emotions are always present during person to person communication. It is much easier to block the emotional aspect of communicating when there is a computer in front of you instead of a real person. Also when a person is in a tough spot in a person to person communication it is hard to get out of the situation without hurting the others feelings. If a phone communication is going downhill it is simple just to hang up and blame the communication cutoff on technical difficulties. I agree with you that online communication is the best way to keep track of a conversation or message. Online communications such as emails are automatically saved without any special commands. The content of an email can be easily transferred into database software to save the conversation for quality assurance purpose and to document the incident. In the business world documentation of conversation is extremely important to reduce liability and other risks. Also the online medium is the fastest and cheapest alternative that provides companies with the greatest reach. After reading your personal miscommunication at work example my view is that in order to prevent miscommunication from occurring when dealing with complex situations that require fast action team members need to have identical written copies of the

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